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Monday, July 6, 2015

To Zeti & Ambank : No kabberup please

  • Najib must immediately clarify whether he has personal accounts in a private bank ..rather than thinking of suing, former AG Abu Talib Othman said 
  • clarification was vital to protect the integrity of his office.
  • "The outcome of filing a legal suit against WSJ will take a long time.  
  • Abu Talib, A-G for 13 years, of the view politicians should not go to court to file suits
  • "Everybody is anxious to know PM has accounts with the bank 
  • Alternatively, the bank could clarify Najib's position after clearance from authorities
  • "confirm or deny. Why waste time for the task force to investigate," former A-G said.
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My comments :  I want to address this to our Press. 

Go and ask these questions lah.

Dont ask the PM alone. Ask his 'special advisors', his officers, ask Ahmad Maslan, Hassan Malek, ask his wife for their views. How come no one has spoken to the wife? Or Ahmad Maslan?  Ask everyone. 

Most important of all ask the PM. 

"Can you confirm that you DO NOT own any of those personal accounts stated by Wall Street Journal?"  

These snakes are now in a fix and are quite slippery. Be careful how you phrase the question.

Keep hounding him until he answers.  

He will not answer. Kucing sudah makan ikan maa. Macam mana mau jawab.

Then call Zeti (who is becoming such a disappointment) why Bank Negara cannot give clearance to confirm or deny the existence of those bank accounts?

This is a matter of national security, which challenges the integrity of not just Bank Negara but of our entire banking system. 

We are party to any number of international banking conventions, money laundering conventions etc.

I have a question for Zeti. That money came from overseas. The money was borrowed. Issue of bonds etc. Goldman Sachs was the advisor / arranger of the debt.

That means US laws are involved. 

Any borrowing must have a stated purpose. 

Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz who has never worked a single day in a real bank, please note that 'Purpose of the loan' was the third or fourth line in all our credit proposals.

Siphoning US$700 million (if it occurred) is in serious breach of any 'Purpose of the loan'.

And since this debt was issued in the US it is subject to US laws. 

If US laws are breached, the Americans will make a fuss over this.

There is already enough egg on Bank Negara's face over this now. 

Dont let them throw the frying pan at you. Or you into it.  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Washington Post : Malaysian leader faces risk of criminal charges over fund

This is from the Washington Post

  • Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is facing the risk of criminal charges 
  • over allegations that hundreds of millions of dollars were funneled from an indebted state fund to his personal bank accounts
  • the first time a Malaysian leader has faced criminal allegations.
The attorney general confirmed late Saturday that he has received documents from an official investigation that made the link between Najib and the investment fund 1MDB.

The documents sent to the attorney general pave the way for possible criminal charges.

Breaking News : AG, IGP, MACC Chief Have Already Met Muhyiddin

Here is some news that is flying around KL. Heard from two sources.

On Friday the Attorney General met the Deputy PM over the latest exposes.

Then yesterday the AG, IGP and the MACC Chief  again met Muhyiddin Yasin (at his house - so they say).

Another source says the meeting discussed if there was a "solid case for prosecution".

If there is a solid case for prosecution, warrants of warm welcome at the Sungai Buloh Country Resort style living must be issued.

If there is no solid case, then just watch the Titanic sink.

Destroying The Legacy Of Tun Haji Abdul Razak Hussein

So where is the rest of the missing money? 

Talk is the missing amount is about RM20 Billion.  

RM2.6 Billion was channeled into the personal accounts (which he has not denied). 

RM1.875 Billion was paid as 'fees' to Goldman Sachs. 

Thats less than RM4.5 Billion. 

Habis baki RM15.5 Billion pi mana?  

This is where I think the Walrus will know better.  

The guy has only got the peanuts. Plus all the cr*p hitting the fan.  

The walrus and her kids have gone shopping.

Here is the great big secret of life folks : 

Money does NOT guarantee happiness.  

Happiness comes from doing good things, avoiding doing bad things and avoiding bad people, crooked people, avoiding people who are rude / crude and loud / proud.  

I think it is very simple.  

I think this year's Hari Raya gathering (if there is one) at the Razak household will be not quite the same.

Tun Razak was a great man. He was the strategist and thinker behind Tunku Abdul Rahman. 

"For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently, when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain, and fruitless."

Tun Razak served the country well. I believe the period of peace and prosperity that we have had from 1970 until 2003 (33 years)  has been influenced a great deal by the leadership of Tun Abdul Razak.  

It was not just the grand policy but the young people (at that time) whom he put in place in various parts of the country.  Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Abdul Samad Ismail etc are just a sprinkling. 

It is important to have the right thinking people in place.

This is how the country should remember the legacy of Tun Abdul Razak. 

Instead the entire script has been hijacked by a walrus, assisted by a whale. 

Something from the Quran :  

Surah 35:22  "Nor are alike those that are living and those that are dead. Allah can make any that He wills to hear; but thou canst not make those to hear who are in the graves". 

So may the great man rest in peace and never hear what has become of his legacy.

1MDB : Some "I Told You So" History

A few weeks back a friend of mine (who does remember a lot of the things I write in my Blog) said that I was "the first" to highlight, flag, keep harping, repeating and nagging about 1MDB.   He said, 'long before Dr Mahathir'. 

I didnt realise that - I know I do write about so many things.  

(By the way, on 4/7/2015 Andre Borschberg has flown for 118 hours, solo across the Pacific in a solar powered plane. Please note this date in your diary. This is more significant than Oberlutnant Charles Lindberg flying solo across the Atlantic in his monoplane the Spirit of St Louis. It is definitely of more significance than the hudud of PIS or Farah Ann's leotards.)

Anyway, more recently one of the prepaids mentioned the same thing about me in his Blog - that I had caught on to this 1MDB crap from very early on.

Today I spied this timeline in the Straits Times (Singapore). It is a quick snapshot about the 1MDB scandal :

Note September 10, 2014. The Straits Times Singapore says 'Dr Mahathir trains his guns on 1MDB for the first time..'

Wow !! Ayahanda's guns are really powerful. He targeted his guns on 1MDB less than 10 months ago. Now Najib is about to get booted out. 

And when the wrongdoing is proven, and yes it will be, he may be wearing striped pyjamas for some time. 

Maybe the first Malaysian Prime Minister to wear striped pyjamas, with matching skull cap.

Anyway I went into my 'archives' and searched all my posts where I spoke about 1MDB. 

Including this post I have written 189 times about 1MDB. 

And folks, here is the first post I wrote about 1MDB. This is from way back on Saturday 2nd October 2010 !!  FIVE LONG years ago !!   

I have been complaining, harping and nagging about 1MDB since 2010.

I think this is even before the Pakatan boys picked up the scent.

I am not asking for a medal. That is NOT the point.

The point is it is sad, very, very sad that even after FIVE years the monkeys are still stealing the bananas from the trees. It takes a Dr Mahathir to step forward and complain about this matter before people wake up and smell the crap.

This seems to be a Malaysian disease.  People do not see the damage that is being done to the country.

When that Liwat fellow started his bullshit, I caught on to his 'religious crap' since the 1980s. He was peddling a satanic religion - a devil worshipper, pure and simple. I could see it then, clear as day. (This is to answer those of you who are wondering why I dislike him so much. Because he single handedly infected this country with the satanic religious virus beginning in the 1980s. Look where the country is today.) 

I found out about his Liwat behaviour much, much later in 1997. And I was not surprised at all.  Yet the sicko is still around, until today. This shows that there are millions of people (err I am referring to you folks)  who do not have the capacity to differentiate a right from a wrong.  Or to see quantities of the better from that which is lesser.  Even after Super Liwat was caught on video (more than once - with different sexes) he still has his supporters.

I dont give a hoot what he does with whom. Itu dia punya pasal. But the lying, the sneaking around and worse of all accusing other innocent people for his sexual philandering is pure satan. Kafir.  Yo pengikut bahalol Pak Syeikh, ok lah someone can bring the boy or the girl into the room.  But how do you get Pak Syeikh 'to perform' the act?  Itu pun conspiracy kah?

In sharp contrast, the kafir fellow (the MCA chief) was also caught on tape. He did not lie, try to run away or blame others for trapping him. (He was most certainly 100% set up). He just apologised, said sorry to everyone and resigned. End of story. A much better example than the devil worshippers.

Then there are the Yahjuj Mahjuj (Gog and Magog). One of their leaders (Spenda Besar) was caught on video with a woman. The devil worshippers said 'that was his wife'. She was not. And what happened to that fellow? Nothing. Most recently he has been elected to a high position again. 

This is a society that suffers a serious lack of morals.  No class.  Kiplings village kids have got shoes. But they are kicking sand and dried goat scat.

Which is why the Bugis pirate can still hang around when he should be hanging around. 

Pull together folks. Get your thinking straight. That is step 1. The rest will fall in line. Please get the thinking straight.