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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kenayataan Media IGP

First off, is this Kenayataan Media Ketua Polis Negara real and authentic? I received this yesterday. Sajalah nak tanya if anyone thinks this is a fake Kenyataan Media?

Do let me know what you think.  

Can we get some legal minds to comment on this as well? Thank you.

Diverting Attention From 1MDB

(Thank you for the comments about the picture of Gani Patail in the earlier post. Its an older oicture. I have updated my comments. My apologies to all parties in the picture. Also removed the picture.)

 Here is another made up poster folks :

This is just a poster made up by someone.  No offence is meant against anyone in this made up poster.  

Day before yesterday there was a comment that the Police were investigating "up to 10 Tan Sris" and a bunch of other people.

On hindsight, after the arrest / detention or whatever of Rashpal, Jessica and the DPP guy we have to scrutinise the poster again.  

According to M'sian Insider both Rashpal and Jessica have been released because the court would not even grant a remand order.

This is a diversonary tactic. To divert peoples' attention from the missing billions.

But lets use their own spin against them.

Are you saying now that all these people are "conspiring" together (or just conspiring) to bring down our Prime Minister?

Here is a big question : 

Why would they want to conspire?  
The lawyers would ask what is the 'mens rea'? 
What is their motive?
Where did they meet to hatch this conspiracy?
Who is their leader?

Now look at their official ranks. 

1. The governor of Bank Negara who has a complete profile of how the moneys were transferred from where to where. She is a public servant. She knows the truth about this scandal. She has to act according to her professional ethics. Does that make her a conspirator?

2. The other lady, also a deputy governor of Bank Negara. She would also have the same information. So as soon as she found out what was going on, she also becomes a conspirator? 

3. Lets look at Jessica Gurmeet - she is Head of the Task Force's Secretariat.  Jessica was arrested and then released.  Did she ask for this job? I dont think so. She was appointed to this job. Because she is a Civil Servant. As Head of the secretariat, surely she too must have comes into the know about the truth behind the 1MDB scandal. Jeng jeng jeng, she becomes a conspirator. Banyak cantik.

Folks do you all recall Bird Flu or Ebola Virus? The same situation is going on with this Task Force investigation against 1MDB.  In this case the virus is the truth. These people in the Task Force have investigated, investigated and investigated. They know what is going on.

Suddenly they are treated like infected people. They have been infected with the truth which they have discovered from the investigations.

The investigators have become Enemy of the State. Conspirators.

I mean lets look at two more guys here : Shamsuddin bin Mohamed Mahayidin a BNM senior executive in the Forex Dept or something. Also a conspirator??

Dahsyat punya conspiracy. When did these people suddenly  start conspiring?? Did they all meet at the famous conspirators warong in Jalan Masjid India to hatch their conspiracy?

And here is another most unlikely character : Datuk Tan Kang Sai, MACC Special Operations Division Deputy Director. Semua ini conspirators kah? 

Last but not least Datuk Shukri the Deputy Chief Commissioner of the MACC.  When I was an Advisor to the MACC (I am soooooooooooooooooo happy I did not opt for another term. I quit early this year) I used to meet Shukri. We had a 'love-hate' relationship. Datuk Shukri is a nice guy. One of those committed to his work. He used to make presentations to our Panel and I used to ask all the 'funny questions'. I am really sorry to hear that he is now being painted as a conspirator. Pula.

Datuk Shukri here is my advice : never trust the politicians.

All these people are not conspirators. The nature of their work and the nature of their investigation brings them into contact with information that exposes the truth of a matter. In this case the dealings surrounding the entire 1MDB scandal.

Whoever from the inside, from the Civil Service, the AG's Chambers, the BNM, the MACC etc comes to know the truth about this scandal and just want to do their job honestly is labelled a conspirator.

Its as simple as that. So folks, be prepared to see more people labelled as conspirators, traitors etc. cJust wait and see.