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Friday, February 12, 2016

Blast From The Past : Not Relevant Then Not Relevant Now

Here is an old video. The guy does not say anything that was useful or worth pondering over.  Simple pantuns, silly jokes and trivia.  Nothing of substance, nothing serious, nothing even mature.

Here is the sadder part. Observe the supporters - all happy and laughing at the silliness.  

It is the people who were or still are simple. And from these, the penjual ubat will rise.

If the people have no interest in books, in reading, in knowledge, in wanting to understand what is true and not true, if they prefer to be lulled by ancient lullabies then this is what they will get.

Useless quips in hindi, useless quips about his eight 'alleged' girlfriends (Tapi sekarang baru tahu).

Note the veiled threats he makes against Dr Mahathir.

I fail to believe that Dr Mahathir did not see through this moron. Yet he still allowed him to rise so high.

The question Dr Mahathir will not answer is why he let this dunggu rise so high.  I think there is a reason.