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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Che Det's Latest Post

Here is an extract from Dr Mahathir's latest post.  You can click on the link to read the whole thing.

THE CROOKED BRIDGE AND ME  -  By Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed

1. Some people believe that I am so angry over not building the crooked bridge that I want Najib to resign.   

(Dear Tun, I dont think they believe that. They have nothing else to pick on.  Salleh Keruak was contemplating between the crooked bridge and blubber content. He figured the bridge was a better bet. He is addressing people like him - those who cannot think).
4. But Najib failed in many areas after becoming PM. Apart from the bridge he did not go ahead with the double tracking and electrification of the railway line from J.B. to Padang Besar which had been agreed upon but was dropped by Abdullah. For 14 billion Ringgit we would have this project completed by 2010. Instead, forced by the demand, he sanctioned the continuation of the track from Ipoh to Padang Besar for 12 billion Ringgit. We lost a lot of money.

5. Then he began to recruit his own 4th floor boys plus a number of British personnel to advise him on how to run the country. They, also used foreign consultants costing more than 7 billion ringgit. We had achieved independence in 1957 and we got rid of British advisers. We did better without them. Najib did not seem to believe in the Malaysian capacity to develop the country.

(I have a theory Sir. He could not complete his degree at Nottingham. He does not understand many things. He covers up the bald patches with 'total silence'. It is not 'elegant silence' but plain incompetence.  And then the gobbledygook to make the pedestrians around him think he knows something.  Anwar used the same trick. And they succeed. Its the education system Sir.  Badawi was too stupid.  The reliance on British drunks and consultants is to help keep the charade going. People are impressed by the British, even when they are drunk. Its the education system Sir. Plus the lack of self esteem)
6. Ignoring the EPU and other Government departments he set up a new agency to plan the development of the country. This agency was headed by a non-civil servant and the salaries of these personnel far exceed that paid to civil servants.

(If it were no so ludicrous, this could be considered close to treason Sir. How can you ignore your own Civil Service ? Especially when you are head of the government? Just like his statement that 1MDB did not want to bring the money back to Malaysia because the Malaysian Government has too many regulations !! And he is the head of the government.  It is difficult to pretend to be so stupid Sir. This guy is really stupid. He is not acting. p.s. If there are too many regulations to bring the money back, then how did they take the money out in the first place?)

7. The civil servants were very unhappy. In the past they on their own transformed this country from a developing country to a middle-income nation. Now their services, their expertise and experience are no longer needed.

(Agreed fully Sir. From 1981 to 2003 our country saw fantastic rates of growth hitting up to 9% growth per annum.  We went from an agri nation to an industrialised nation. All this was achieved with our regular Civil Servants especially the EPU folks. Malaysia was put on the world map. And the oil price was less than US40 per barrel. Now with drunk British advisors and conmen masquerading as con-sultans we are going nowhere. The problem is easy to see - the dope never completed his university degree).

8. They had always been loyal to the BN Government. Now many no longer support the Government. Some even join the opposition after retirement and stood as candidates in elections.

(I can point names and name fingers too.  One very senior guy has made it known that he will be terminating his contract by 2016, before the 2018 elections. He is so afraid of being around in case the BN loses in 2018. UMNO Bloggers have said that with Anwar now in jail, they dont mind joining PKR. The situation is bad for UMNO and the BN)  
12. Responding to opposition demand he abolished the ISA and freed all those under restricted residence. Crime rates went up.

(He had no intention of holding to his words. First he announced to the whole world that the Sedition Act would be abolished. Then later at the UMNO Assembly he screamed at the top of his voice that the Sedition Act would not be abolished. A man with no principles. No back bone. He unilaterally decided to abolish the ISA and the EO. Yes the crime rates have shot up. The gangsters (former EO detainees) have repopulated Penang.  As you read this there is a gang war going on in Klang. My NGO friends say that easily about 20 gang members have been murdered in Klang in the past three months. Now he has back pedalled and reintroduced POTA.  Why abolish the ISA in the first place? This guy does not know if he is coming or going.)
13. Then he started giving money to people, not just to individuals who earn less than RM3000/- per month but to the associations and the corporate sector as well. Billions were spent on this.

(The BRIM is peanuts. The cronies are getting hundreds of millions and billions. The BRIM is to tranquilise the masses. It is not working.)

14. Then rallies were organised on every occasions. The organisers were instructed to gather 10,000 people. They were given food and allowances and were transported to the sites, where they were given placards to hold up with “I love PM” written on them. A song 1M4U was composed and sung even at the national day parade.

(Lumpy bumpy has also made a video of her singing a song. Its on You Tube. No class.  Very peasant.)

16. The Malays too did not support Najib. Selangor after he headed UMNO did worse than 2008. Malays only voted for BN because they feared Anwar would appoint Kit Siang as DPM.

(Malay support has vanished. Now only the traitors, the treasonous, the treacherous, the fools and the crooks lend their support. For money of course. They have no other sources of income.) 
19. But now with the controversies dogging him I am sure BN would lose if he leads it in the 14th GE.

20. There are many things about his personal behavior that I thought were not right. But I was prepared to overlook them, including he and his wife’s lavish lifestyle.

21. But when he cannot explain where billions of Ringgits have gone to and his involvement with questionable people in the management of 1MDB, I felt that he is not fit to be the Prime Minister of this country.

22. I will explain about how he lost billions of Ringgit in my next blog.

(Dear Tun,  I had a recent conversation with one of your close  buddies.  He pointed out a few things that I cannot possibly write in my Blog.  One of them was about that tragic young woman whom you have mentioned. I have had to revise my thoughts on the matter.

The other point is that transfer of US$700 million (RM 2.5 Billion) by 1MDB to that company "Good Star Ltd" registered in the Seychelles Islands.  

I am told that the CEO of 1MDB had received specific instructions from you know who to make the transfer. 

Otherwise there is no way the CEO would agree to transfer US$700 million (RM2.5 Billion) of our money to a company registered in the Seychelles islands.

I hope you will raise this issue in your next post because this is a major weak point.  That Seychelles islands company is associated with Jho Low.

What was the consideration for paying RM2.5 Billion to an unknown and possibly 'dormant' company registered in the Seychelles islands? 

Does the company even have any employees? How many employees does it have? Two? Three employees?

Or is it is just a registered name with an address in the Seychelles islands and a bank account?

What was the locus standi of that company Good Star Ltd to receive RM2.5 Billion of our taxpayers money?

So who exactly gave instructions to the CEO of 1MDB to transfer RM2.5 Billion to Good Star Ltd, registered in the Seychelles islands? And why? For what?

Looking forward Tun. 

Majalah Tempo's Special Edition Makes Fun Of Rolly Polly & Hubby

Folks please go over to Apanama's Blog and read his latest  'Malaysia masyhur di mata dunia'.

Its about the Majalah Tempo's - Indonesia's leading magazine read by their intelligentsia - special edition for the 60th anniversary of the Bandung Conference that was held in 1955.  They have written about Malaysia as well.

Here are some pictures / screen shots from Majalah Tempo:



Tun Dr Mahathir Is Not Alone.

Well since dont know when I have been with Tun Dr Mahathir that Najib should just go away from the scene.

I have heard of one senior gomen guy who is not renewing his contract next year because he does not want to be around in 2018.

Yesterday I heard that there are many senior civil service staff who are not with their boss anymore. They want him to go too.

The Deputy PM has told Dr Mahathir  :  'You are not alone".

Yesterday even the PM's own brother Nazir Razak has posted the Michael Jackson poster on his FB page  

Siti Nurhaliza has come out for Tun Dr Mahathir.  Dont trifle with her, she has a huge following.

Yesterday Dr Maza the Mufti of Perlis has given some advice relating to the fate of dictator Nicolai Caesescu of Romania and his wife Elena for their extravagances.  Dr Asri says Elena was also hung !! Dr Maza too has a huge following.


Shafie Apdal is not with Najib. He did not even attend that ketua bahagian gathering.

Nazri Aziz is not with the PM. I dont think so.

The snowball effect is gathering momentum.    Njib Tun Razak's days as Prime Minister are really numbered. Please stop signing away any more projects and contracts. If all goes well then you are safe. But if not, then people will come looking.

The easiest way forward is for Najib to negotiate the succession, then resign and disappear into history.

Monday, April 20, 2015

What Should Hishamuddin Do?

There is a joke 'god chooses your relatives but thank god we can choose our friends'. 

Well I dont quite believe in this joke. You always have the freedom of choosing what is good for you, whether it is relatives, friends, politics, career or whatever.  

Whatever you choose must be real. Do not waste your life 'choosing' things that cannot be proven. 

Dont waste your life choosing from your imagination or from your imaginary friends. That is where the satan dwells - inside an idle mind.   

I am addressing you grown ups and adults ok. The PhDs among us, the school teachers, doctors, housewives, MPs, ministers etc.

Well, back to the story. Yesterday Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has used Tun Dr Mahathir's  'Criminalise War' forum to express his support for Dr Mahathir. A clever play on words that has sent a big signal throughout the country.

Because the latest I hear is that Shafie Apdal from Sabah has said that Dr Mahathir just wants his questions about 1MDB answered. That is all. Dr Mahathir is not referring to the price of kangkung, the cost of all the flowers at that wedding - well not yet. (Was it RM5 million, RM20 million? Just the flower decorations alone).

This is certainly a pro Mahathir statement by Shafie Apdal.  This is also to tell Salleh Keruak to stop making an ass of himself.

Zahid Hamidi of course has maintained an 'elegant silence'.  He has not said much of anything about defending Najib against Dr Mahathir. Clever, clever.

So the Deputy President and two out of three Vice Presidents  of UMNO are now at arms length from the President.

Najib is now in Kazakhstan, enjoying himself again at the wedding party with his in laws. Do you all know who Al Capone was? A friend said that each time Najib is out of the country, NO ONE speaks up for him. Only when he is in Malaysia then the hangers on speak up loudly.  Just watch - they are quiet now. When he comes back, the cheer leaders will start their high kicks again.

Folks say that Bung Mokhtar from Kinabatangan has also back pedalled a little between Najib and Dr Mahathir. Bung has gone neutral - like some pre paid Bloggers. 

There is a consensus developinhg that Najib will be gone. This is beginning to seep in among the UMNO leaders like Muhyiddin, Zahid, Shafie Apdal and others.

The crew is beginning to realise that the ship is going down. Better grab your life vests. Here is a suggestion : the crew will abandon ship faster if they are given life vests. Tak payah pikir panjang. Looking at it another way, even the crew of a pirate ship deserve to be saved from drowning. Just dont let them crew another ship.

What about Hishamuddin Hussein Onn vice president and the cousin of the party president. 

Hisham is between a rock and a hard place.  Blood is thicker than water they say. 

Hisham has to choose carefully. When in doubt bro, choose that which is right. Sometimes it is difficult to see right from wrong. 

But when it is clear as daylight, then do not hesitate.

Blood is thicker than water. That which is right is so much thicker than that which is wrong.  That which is right is also much thicker than blood and water.

Time is running. The consensus view is that if Najib goes, it will also spell the end of Hishamuddin Hussein Onn. Will that be the case?

Doing what is right will never wrong anyone.