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Monday, August 31, 2015

New Syaitans In The Neighborhood - Turkish Extremists Suspected In Bangkok Bombing

This is from the Sydney Morning Herald
  • Bangkok bombing: Who are the Turkish terrorist group the Grey Wolves? 
  • fascist Turkish terrorist group Grey Wolves key suspects in B'kok bombing 
  • arrest of man, Turkish, in Thai capital with bomb-making material
  • group's death squads stalked Turkey since 1960s
  • murdering left-wing, liberal activists, university students, journalists 
  • ideology centres on glory days of Turkish history
  • to unite Muslim Turkic peoples from Balkans to Central Asia 
  • pan-Turkish extension of the Turkish nation-state. 
  • operations in Turkic and Muslim areas, Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Chechen
  • ties to Turkish crime gangs in Bangkok provided logistical 
  • police searching for Turkish nationals who arrived 15 days before blast 
  • killing 20 people and injuring more than 120 in an unprecedented attack
  • breakthrough when residents of Muslim district reported to police 
  •  police found man with false passports, bomb equipment similar to shrine bomb
  • man charged with possession of bomb-making material 
  • Anthony Davis, respected security analyst said Grey Wolves behind bombing 
  • "They are violent and operate below radar," he said.
  • group "latched on to in a big way" to Uighur Muslims in western China 
  • Thailand infuriated Uighurs when deported 109 Uighur men  to China
  • Ethnic Chinese tourists appear to have been targets of the shrine bombers
  • Bangkok attack nightmare link-up between terrorism and organised crime

My comments : Alamak !! A new set of  freshly baked fruitcakes pop up in our neighborhood. Some Malaysians died in the Bangkok bombing as well.

The Turks have started on their journey towards the Club of Doom. 

A religious nut case called Erdogan has been running Turkey for about 10 years now.  

I am not surprised that under Erdogan, the extremist Turkish terrorist group the Grey Wolves are making a come back in Turkey. 

In more recent history, in 1981 one of their members, Mohamed Ali Agca went to the Vatican in Rome and shot the Pope, John Paul II and almost killed him. The Pope recovered from the attack and in what became a mega, mega PR exercise, visited Ali Agca in jail and forgave him.

The Grey Wolves wish to see the old Sunni Ottoman boundaries reestablished from Europe to Central Asia. 

There is a link between the Grey Wolves and the Turkish government. They both hate the Kurdish people (among other things). 

Erdogan has recently begun the massive bombing of the minority Kurdish separatists in border areas (near Syria).  There are sizeable Kurdish minorities in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

For 10 years now, the Kurds have already established an autonomous region in Iraq. 

They are also the only people who have kicked the butts of the ISIS - thus offending Erdogan who funds the ISIS psychos. 

The Kurds sit on land that irritates many local bullies :

Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran have all gobbled up Kurdish territories.   Things are quite complicated in the Middle East.

Conclusion : 

1. I think the Grey Wolves and Turkish psychos will be buzzing around the world - including in our area. Dato Ayub Khan, constant vigilance.

2. To our politicians, ngko orang dah cukup bodoh bangang dah. Jangan masuk campur nak cuci punggong orang lain ok? Keep your fingers inside  your own @$$. Better help the Thais track down those bombers.