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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kiamat Makin Dekat : 300 MPG VW XL1 Hybrid

The following video shows the Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid whose fuel efficiency yields 300 miles per gallon.  That is travelling from KL to Penang and then coming back to Taiping on one UK gallon of fuel (4.5 litres or RM10.00).  Presently my fuel bill to Penang is about RM120.00. To double back to Taiping will empty the tank ie RM160.00. So this VW XL1 will be 16 times cheaper. Watch the video. The test drive actually got 400 miles per gallon. Fantastic.

Here is some news :
300mpg Diesel-Electric Hybrid Unveiled by Volkswagen
April 17, 2014 

The star of this week's Qatar motor show will undoubtedly be Volkswagen's "one-liter car," the diesel hybrid XL1, which is able to achieve more than 300 mpg.

The $60,000 XL1 is powered by an 800cc, two-cylinder turbodiesel powerplant (half a BlueMotion engine), producing 47bhp, supported by a 27bhp electric motor hat fuelled by lithium-ion batteries. The batteries can be charged from a domestic plug, allowing the car to travel 22 miles solely on electric power.

Over the past decade governments worldwide have been pressing the automotive industry for better gas mileage, better fuel economy in vehicles, and other sources of energy. The XL1 fulfills all these requirements.

The XL1 also emits just 24g/km of CO2 and has a 0-60 time of 11.9 seconds. Its 10-liter diesel tank gives the XL1 a range of around 340 miles. Adding to the XL1's remarkable fuel efficiency is the fact that the car has been designed to be as light as possible, with an unpainted carbon fiber skin over a magnesium-alloy subframe.

Efforts to pare weight extend to the engine, transmission, suspension, carbon fiber wheels, aluminum brakes, titanium hubs and ceramic bearings, producing a vehicle weighing only 1,752 pounds.

The XL1 is the brainchild of Volkswagen group former head Ferdinand Piëch, who initiated the project in 1998. Volkswagen's designers and engineers responded to Piëch's challenge, immediately setting about producing a carbon-fiber bodied car with tandem seating and a single-piston engine. 

In 2002, in his last public appearance as chairman, Piëch drove to a VW shareholders meeting in Hamburg in the prototype, and even then managed to beat the fuel-consumption target that he had set his engineers. Following Piëch's leaving Volkswagen, the project was essentially shelved until Piëch's replacement, Martin Winterkorn, along with Volkswagen's research and development head Ulrich Hackenberg, revisited the concept and developed the twin-cylinder hybrid L1, which appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009.

The VW XL1 is now is in production form. It has been 14 years in the making. The price was USD150,000 just a few years ago. Now the price has come down to USD60,000. That is about RM200,000.

The idea is to get it cheaper. I think this car will ultimately sell for less than USD30,000 or less than RM100,000 but not in Malaysia.  In Malaysia this car may not be allowed into the country. Or it will be taxed 300% or more to make it unaffordable. (Kita kan bodoh sombong).

In the meantime here is the Proton 2020 model :

It has four tyres, airbags, engine and all. Proton has to make one small modification, they will change the badge (that is a Mitsubishi badge ok sshhhhhhhh..). 
Here is the kiamat. With this type of fuel efficiency, the world fuel consumption by automobiles should decrease 90%. At the same time oil is being discovered in large quantities all over the world.  Oil prices are going to get depressed or remain stagnant. Cost of oil production is going to increase. Oil earnings will be impacted.

The Arab countries are one product economies. So is Brunei. In Malaysia Petronas contributes RM60b - RM80b every year to the gomen to spend and splurge endlessly with little or no productivity improvement in the economy. Kiamat makin dekat.

Karpal's Greatest Service ?

This is from The Star today :

  • Court of Appeal sentenced Anwar five years, his defence merely a bare denial.
  • ruled Anwar merely gave a denial in a statement from the dock 
  • Anwar was charged with sodomising Saiful .. on June 26, 2008. 
  • 85-page written judgment said Anwar  failed to cast any doubt on the charge. 
  • “..credible defence is one that answers the evidence... 
  • .. imperative respondent explains his case
  • incumbent to adduce evidence which can answer the allegations in the charge
  • Anwar did not even deny he was at the scene of the crime 
  • Anwar also did not dispute fact Saiful brought envelope to him 
  • stressed that Anwar had given notice of alibi and listed 14 witnesses but never pursued for reasons only best known to him. 
  • ***..pertinent to note alibi represents a complete defence to exculpate respondent***
  • On two expert witnesses – David Lawrence Wells and Brian Leslie McDonald – called to contradict and rebut the prosecution’s expert witnesses, they held that their evidence were mere opinions as opposed to the evidence of two government chemists, which were factual and based on their own analyses of the samples.
  • “Both Wells and McDonald are mere ‘armchair experts’
  • government chemists had testified in detail and reasons for conclusions
This is the brief report in The Star today about the Court of Appeal finding Anwar guilty of the sodomy charge.

First a disclaimer - for those of you pro sodomy people out there, dont get me wrong. You can sodomise whoever you want. I dont care. You can sodomise each other, you can sodomise camels, goats, you can sodomise the tail pipe of the KL Rapid bus - yo man I really dont care.  Ok? Now with that out of the way lets discuss some.

Do note that Anwar's lawyer was Karpal Singh. The entire defence strategy adopted was 'NO DEFENSE'. 

Before the trial started Anwar's team said they had more than a dozen alibis who would testify that they were with Anwar at the material time. Then they listed 14 alibis. And guess what - one of the alibis was his wife Wan Azizah. 

But all of a sudden they just dropped the defence of alibi like a hot potato. None of the 14 alibis were called. Not even his wife. A strong alibi would have completely destroyed the Prosecution's case.

In his submissions, prosecutor Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah said "The (alibi) defence is not bona fide. The defence was raised dishonestly; when they were confronted with evidence of videos, CCTVs (of Anwar being at the scene), they dropped the entire defence (of the alibi).”

This is very serious.  The defence was raised dishonestly
Karpal Singh was Anwar's lawyer. Would Karpal have raised a dishonest defence? I dont think so. I think Karpal was always a stickler for facts. It must have been Anwar's own insistence to put up such a stupid defense strategy. 

(If you read my previous writings about Anwar, I have always maintained that the brader really sucked at strategy. The guy really has no brains.)

But what did Karpal say when his client Anwar insisted on putting up and then dropping the alibi strategy? Surely the Court would take note. And the Court has taken note. This is where Anwar nailed his coffin shut.

The other point that has been carefully noted by the Court was that Anwar decided to give a statement from the dock. He simply REFUSED to be cross examined.  

Why would the hero of the backdoor entry, the pemimpin Islam, the founder of ABIM refuse to be cross examined in open Court when CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Bill Cohen, Mallot, Soros and all his foreign friends could  all be there to support him and broadcast his brave rebuttals for the whole world to listen?

Werent you, dear moron Anwar Ibrahim supporter, waiting for your hero to be cross examined in open court and listen to him thrashing all the charges against him? Well how come your back door hero decided to chicken out and just read a statement from the dock? 

He did not want to be cross examined in open court. And now this chickening out has also been noted by the Court of Appeal to assist them arrive at their guilty verdict.  The Court said :   

i.  imperative respondent explains his case.. 
ii. credible defence is one that answers the evidence...

So how come he chose NOT to answer any of the evidence? He did not explain his case. Karpal was Anwar's lawyer. So was it Karpal's idea that Anwar NOT answer the evidence against him? Or was it Anwar's own insistence? Who was the idiot in the team?

Anwar has now taken his case to the Federal Court (for a final appeal). Talk is the Prosecution may ask that Anwar's guilty conviction be affirmed and the sentence be extended. Anwar has to ponder this. What if the Federal Court affirms his conviction and then extends his jail term?

The Court of Appeal has also strongly criticised the trial judge for making serious mistakes.
  • trial judge had fallen into serious error 
  • finding of trial judge seriously flawed and merits our intervention
  • reception by judge of expert evidence is not objective and is one sided
  • serious error, falls far short of proper approach that a judge should take when judicially appreciating evidence
If there were so many flaws, shouldnt the trial judge be investigated? The Judiciary should have some type of mechanism to conduct internal inquiries. 

In conclusion the defense strategy of Anwar Ibrahim's latest sodomy trial was actually NO DEFENSE.

He did not even explain his case in Court.
They did not rebut any of the evidence presented.
The chicken fellow refused to be cross examined. He read a prepared statement instead.
They did not call any of their 14 alibi witnesses. 
Their DNA experts did not rebut any of the DNA evidence

So who in Anwar's team was behind such a disastrous defence strategy? This strategy was totally stupid and suicidal from the beginning. 

Thank you Mr Karpal Singh.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Syed Mokhtar's Al Bukhary University Shuts Down

 The students at the High Court in Alor Star today, with their lawyer (left). - April 15, 2014

  •  Six Albukhary International University (AIU) students filed suit
  • failing to give a written notice of closure as required
  • Vice-chancellor, registrar and M'sian govt defendants (Why gomen? Syed Mokhtar?)
  • demanding university adhere to Act, which requires one-year notice of closure.
  • told verbally in February that the university will be closed down in June
  • demand university put everything in black and white and not inform us verbally 
  • many other students, who were unhappy over the transfers, may join them.
  • verbally told that a particular university in Kuala Lumpur will accept AIU students.
  • verbally given a list of some universities.
  • students in limbo. They don't know what to do. 
  • AIU funded by philanthropist (serious??) Syed Mokhtar Albukhary
  • 230 students, out of 600, transferred to a university in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.
  • closure due to : student dissatisfaction and management issues
  • Staff and students at full-scholarship university have endured uncertainty 
  • speculation university to cease operations and would be sold.
  • February this year academic staff informed campus may be closed 
  • university has stopped taking students
  • admission page on its website “closed for maintenance”
Here is the second report :

  • Albukhary Int'l Univ. said it will be remodelled (by Ravi the renovation contractor).
  • closing due to student dissatisfaction and management issues 
  • vice-chancellor said institution intended to remodel itself. He did not give details.
  • staff claimed they had become victims 
  • cited as contributing factor ..resulted in the closure.
  • CEO &; audit had opportunity to investigate when visited campus two months ago 
  • However, not done & students transferred without knowing what is happening 
  •  dismissed claims of mismanagement as reason for university's closure
  •  Management issues leading to AIU's closure is 100% untrue.
  • question is whether all reports brought to attention of board on monthly basis
  • "If (they were) not, not the fault of staff
  • responsibility of the management to bring up all matters the board.”
This is very sad. It is another Club of Doom event. I have some knowledge of this university. Four years ago, Syed Mokhtar wanted to create a good university to help young people around the world get a university education.

Now some of the young people are suing the university for taking them on a wild goose chase. 

The university was modelled to enrol 70% foreign students and 30% local students - on full scholarship including board and lodging. 

Syed Mukhtar would fund the entire thing through an endowment (sinking fund etc). The 'islamic' name was wakaf.  Its the same thing lah - you need money. 

Four years ago a very highly qualified guy advised Syed Mokhtar that this model for the University would not work. Financially it was not sustainable. In the United States they also have universities that run on huge endowments and sinking funds, trust funds etc. Harvard University is one of them. But they produce world class research which in turn attracts grants from the government and the private sector. In brief they make huge money. This keeps their universities going.  Bukhary University, a start up, was not in a situation to do anything similar. 

Then something else happened. Syed Mokhtar had no intention of creating another "Islamic" university. The name 'Islamic' does not appear in the name. He wanted it to be a good university helping needy Muslim students.

Unfortunately the people he eventually hired to run the university had the Taliban philosophy. It became too 'religon centric'. The university only took in Muslim students. This was a mistake. It would have been better to have a mix of religions on campus. That did not happen.

They even offered a 2 credit course which gave credits to students who attended five times prayer in the mosque. This is frovolous. You do not give credit for something that is already an obligation on you. Plus, praying five times a day is NOT academic achievement. Even morons like tok guru and convicted sodomists pray five times a day.

The biggest building on campus is a mosque

The university also began classes with insufficient qualified or experienced teaching staff. Most were junior. This was another mistake. 

Plus there were management issues.  The CEO visited the campus TWO MONTHS ago. This means the CEO IS NOT BASED ON CAMPUS. Then where is he based?

The news report says the management did NOT advise the Board of all matters.  

My view is even if the management did report everything to the Board, so what? Would the Board have been in a position to do any better? Well the University is closing down. That does answer the question.

The land on which the university stands belongs to the State. If the University does not function, the State will take it back. And do what with the huge campus? That will take even more millions to refurbish and reuse the buildings. Kedah does not need any more universities right now.

This university can be saved. It can be turned around and made into a world class instituion. With common sense and logic everything is possible.