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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gambar Lama : Raja, Mufti, Kadi, Burhanuddin Helmy Bergambar Dengan Kilbi

I can still read my Jawi.  (If there are any mistakes please let me know). 

The caption says : Gambar ini di ambil selepas perbicaraan tentang maslaha najis anjing. Yang duduk disebelah kanan sekali ialah Haji Wan Musa, Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Kelantan, Yang Mulia Haji Abbas Taha, kadi  besar Singapura dan Haji Nik Muhammad Siddiqui (bin?) Haji Wan Musa. Yang berdiri di sebelah kanan sekali ialah Yang Mulia Tengku Chik, Yang Mulia Doktor Burhanuddin Al Helmy, Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Di Raja Kelantan dan Nik Mahmud.

Err they forgot to mention the dog.  In Arabic 'kilbi' (kelbi) means dog. Thank you to the reader who sent me this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Does The Quran Say About Dogs

Hello PMO guys. Sorry to wake you up so early but please take note. Please kill this silly issue with one phone call ok before it gets more embarrassing.

The latest news is that "Jakim will summon the organiser of the "I Want To Touch A Dog" event that took place at Central Park, One Utama near Petaling Jaya yesterday".

My question is - in our Federal Constitution religion is a State matter. Jakim is a Federal body responsible for religious affairs in Federal Territories like KL and Labuan. 

So how can Jakim haul up anyone for organising a dog show in another State outside Jakim's jurisdiction?

Plus it has been reported that "Selangor‎ Islamic Religious Council (Mais) had approved the programme and Ustaz Mohd Iqbal Parjin was present yesterday to give a talk on the touching of dogs in Islam."

This is another reason why I have said the "Islamic" countries also collapse - they dont follow one set of universal laws. Instead they follow four different sets of laws.

1. First they have the common law or civil law which is really Islamic. But they ignore it whenever they wish. 

2. Instead they follow what they think is shariah law where almost all of it is not found in the Quran. And it is still subject to argument.

3. Then they also follow local tribal and customary laws - like the Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis. This has nothing to do with Islam.

4. Finally they follow "my own laws" - these are also laws they make up as they go along. In Brunei the Sultan and his family are not subject to the shariah laws applicable on others. Now Jakim stepping out of its boundaries is another example.

Here are some news reports about this "I want to touch a dog" event.

1.  Malaysia's 'I Want to Touch a Dog' Event Popular With Canine-Curious Muslims

Four-legged friends helped close a cultural gap in Malaysia during a unique event that invited Muslims to pet dogs — some for the very first time.

"I Want to Touch a Dog" event attempted to dispel myths about canine cleanliness. Some Muslims believe dog fur and saliva is unclean, and prefer not to keep them inside their homes.

As a result, some may be afraid of the animals, event organizer Syed Azmi Alhabshi told Asia One.

"This is just a baby step for us. I don't know whether people will now understand not to throw stones at dogs, but we want people to know that if they are not knowledgeable or are curious about things, they should just ask. If we ask nicely, people will respond," he said.

About 800 people attended the event

Attendees were encouraged to wear colors to denote their interest: yellow for those who wanted to pet a dog, orange for those who just wanted to watch and red for dog owners.

Participants also listened to a lecture from a religious leader on dog contact, and were taught the Islamic way to cleanse their hands after touching a dog, called sertu or samak.

Ok here is the backlash from the religious guys :

2.  ‘I want to touch a dog’ event an attempt to insult Malaysia’s clerics, says former Johor mufti  -  The Malaysian Insider

Former Johor mufti Nooh Gadut said programme was an attempt to insult ulama (clerics) and religious authorities.
said it was haram (prohibited) for Muslims to deliberately touch dogs as they were dirty (najis mughallazah) according to two Muslim schools of thought, Shafie and Hanbali.

it has elements of insulting the ulama in this country," he was quoted as saying 

It must be remembered that Malaysia adheres to the Shafie school of thought," he said.

refer to authorities before doing anything that was against the Shafie school of thought.

more than 1,000 people turned up at the event in Bandar Utama

to overcome fear of dogs and bring together Malaysians

Selangor‎ Islamic Religious Council (Mais) had approved the programme and Ustaz Mohd Iqbal Parjin was present yesterday to give a talk on the touching of dogs in Islam.

"Dogs are also God's creatures. We need to overcome the mentality of seeing the animal as an offensive creature. Teach the young to love others but at the same time know the limit of touching one," said Iqbal. – October 20, 2014.

You can read more here -

Ok here are some pictures of the event.

This is the brave young man who organised this event. Folks, all the rational Muslim people please lend your support for Syed Azmi. He has not done anything wrong. It is time for rational Muslims to speak upBuatlah Facebook page "I support Syed Azmi". The "tidak boleh menggunakan akal" types can go to the Port Dickson beach and walk west. A Facebook page about the event has been removed.

Here are pictures from the event :

Nooh Gadut is reported to have said  :

  • programme was an attempt to insult ulama (clerics)  
  • elements of insulting the ulama in this country," he was quoted as saying 
Insulting the ulama? Says who? Who told you this? Who exactly is an ulama? There is no one in the world who can legally call himself an ulama. There is no such thing. Nooh Gadut is showing his ignorance. (Joining any "persatuan" ulama does not make you an ulama ok. Jangan konpius.)  Statements like this are an insult to all humans and animals including dogs.

A classic case of duduk dalam bakul, angkat sendiri.  Nooh then said :

  • according to two Muslim schools of thought, Shafie and Hanbali.
  • Malaysia adheres to the Shafie school of thought," he said.
  • before doing anything that was against the Shafie school of thought.
So now we come to the real story. This is another sectarian belief.  The type of sectarian difference that can potentially cause all the fighting and killing that you see in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc.

This is a sectarian belief according to the Shafie school of thought. It is definitely NOT a 100% across the board Islamic belief. 

So other schools of thought in Islam do allow the touching of dogs.  This will also mean that other ulama in other schools of thought may not feel insulted if they saw someone else holding or touching a dog.

What does the Quran say about dogs?  Before that here are some other "insulting" pictures. These are Arab Muslims (dont know what school of thought) who seem to be hugging and kissing their dogs :

Now here is Surah 5:4 of the Quran. I have reproduced NINE different translations of this verse :  (I have kept the translators choice of words. I have added the word "HALAL" where it occurs in the original Arabic Quran)

1.  Mohammad Shaikh    :    They question you what became permitted / halal for them, say: "Permitted/halal for you the goodnesses, and what you taught from the predatory animals, hunting birds and hunting dogs, training for hunting and retrieving , you teach them  from what God taught you, so eat from what they seized (for) you, and mention/ God's name on it, and fear and obey God, that God (is) fast (in) the counting.

2.  JM Rodwell    They will ask thee what is made lawful/halal for them. Say: Those things which are good are legalised / halal to you, and the prey of beasts of chase which ye have trained like dogs, teaching them as God hath taught you. Eat, therefore, of what they shall catch for you

3. Shabbir Ahmed    They ask you what foods are Halal / Permissible. Tell them all good things of life are Halal / Lawful to you. As for the hunting animals, the catch of your trained dogs and falcons, as Allah has taught you, is Permissible. Mention Allah's name thereupon. Always be mindful of Allah's Laws. His Law of Requital is swift in reckoning.

4.  Hilali/Khan    They ask you what is lawful  /halal for them. Say: "Lawful/halal unto you are AtTayyibat (all kind of Halal (lawfulgood) foods which Allah has made lawful (meat of slaughtered eatable animals, milk products, fats, vegetables and fruits, etc.)). And those beasts and birds of prey which you have trained as hounds, training and teaching them (to catch) in the manner as directed to you by Allah; so eat of what they catch for you, but pronounce the Name of Allah over it, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Swift in reckoning."

5.  Khalifa**    They consult you concerning what is halal/lawful for them; say, "Halal/Lawful for you are all good things, including what trained dogs and falcons catch for you." You train them according to GOD's teachings. You may eat what they catch for you, and mention GOD's name thereupon. You shall observe GOD. GOD is most efficient in reckoning.

6.  George Sale    They will ask thee what is allowed them as halal/lawful to eat? Answer, such things as are good are halal/allowed you; and what ye shall teach animals of prey to catch, training them up for hunting after the manner of dogs, and teaching them according to the skill which God hath taught you. Eat therefore of that which they shall catch for you; and commemorate the name of God thereon; and fear God, for God is swift in taking an account.

7.  Free Minds    They ask you what was made lawful/halal to them, Say: "All the good things have been made lawful/halal for you, and what the trained dogs and birds catch, you teach them from what God teaches you." So eat from what they have captured for you and mention God's name upon it, and be aware of God. God is quick in reckoning.

8. Arberry    They will question thee what is permitted/halal them. Say: 'The good things are permitted/halal you; and such hunting creatures as you teach, training them as hounds, and teaching them as God has taught you -- eat what they seize for you, and mention God's Name over it. Fear God; God is swift at the reckoning

9.  Muhammad Pickthal    They ask thee what is made lawful for them. Say: (all) good things are made lawful for you. And those beasts and birds of prey which ye have trained as hounds are trained, ye teach them that which Allah taught you; so eat of that which they catch for you and mention Allah's name upon it, and observe your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is swift to take account.

So this means that the food or animals that are caught by hunting animals like dogs and birds of prey are halal for Muslims to eat - across all schools of thought. (Unless you reject this verse from the Quran. The ostat guys say if you reject any verse from the Quran you become kafir. Depa yang cakap.)  

Anyway that is why you see those Arabs hugging and kissing their Saluki dogs.

Now here is a question for the "kaum yang tidak boleh menggunakan akal" .  How will a dog catch food? Will a dog use fork, spoon and knife like in these pictures, say the prayers etc ?

Not likely isnt it?  A dog will catch prey how it has been designed by Allah to catch prey. Here is a picture of a wolf catching a salmon. The same applies to dogs.

See the wolf biting down on the fish. That red colour could be blood from the fish. So the dogs saliva will definitely get into the fish, rabbit, deer or bird that the dog will catch.  Common sense will tell us to wash the meat caught by the dog before we eat it. That is all.  Tak payah nak benci anjing atau fitnah anjing.

Here is more from the Quran about some Muslim boys who had a dog and slept with their dog in their midst :


18:13. We relate to thee their story in truth: they were youths who believed in their Lord, and We advanced them in guidance:

18:14. We gave strength to their hearts: Behold, they stood up and said: "Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and of the earth: never shall we call upon any god other than Him: if we did, we should indeed have uttered an enormity!

18:18. Thou wouldst have deemed them awake, whilst they were asleep, and We turned them on their right and on their left sides: their dog stretching forth his two fore-legs on the threshold ...

This is the story of some Muslim youths who took refuge inside a cave from evil people. Allah had advanced them in guidance. And they had a dog with them.
Besides other things what does this verse in the Quran also mean? When Allah advances you in guidance, you may see the usefulness of owning a dog.  

Muslim folks, these are ayat Quran ok. Ostat kata siapa yang reject satu ayat Quran pun dia jadi kafir. Dengar cakap ostat ok. Ini kali lah.